The Orion Micro Tig Welders

The Orion Series fits perfect to your small or industrial production.
compared to the solderin with fire Orion Micro Tig Welders give you more precision at faster welding times.
For most applications there is no need of using solder which gives you a much better quality of your final product. THis can be important for the after treatment for example polishing or electroplating where small differences in the Base material can effect the final result.

The Orion mPulse 30 - For starters! Pulse Arc technology for anyone.

With a 30ws power potential, this thermocouple welder can be used by almost anyone and has the power to tackle all sorts of jobs. It’s perfect for those needing a welder for making quick, small welds on a light duty cycle. The mPulse power settings range from 5.0ws to 30ws, in 2.5ws increments—that’s 11 different power settings to choose from. The weld spot size on the smallest setting is nearly 1mm, depending upon your material. The largest setting of 30ws will yield a weld spot approximately 1.5mm in diameter, again, depending upon the material you’re welding. The mPulse works amazingly well with Gold, Silver and many other metals used in jewelry creation and repair. It’s a superior alternative to any solder application; and, measuring in at 5.5” x 5.25” x 3.625”, the mPulse takes up almost no space on your bench. Our customers use the mPulse 30 thermocouple welder for a variety of applications in addition to jewelry. Many glass frame repair shops can now fix broken titanium frames. Small scratches on molds are easily smoothed over with wire and a round of welds from the mPulse. Any small metal application gets easier to work with when Sunstone products are on the job. How can such a small thermocouple welder machine do so much? We continually perfect and improve the welding technology put into the products we’ve been making for more than 10 years. Tailored to the needs of our clients, each Orion Pulse Arc Welder is a demonstration of why our products exceed the competition through research and development from our PhD team of engineers. Order it now and see what the mPulse thermocouple welder can do for you.

The Orion 100c a small machine packed with power you'll need to get the job done.

The Orion 100c offers up to 100 joules of pulse-arc weld energy. The energy can be adjusted down to as little as 3 joules, and can be adjusted upwards by 0.5 joule increments. The Orion 100c contains two different weld modes: Pulse Arc Mode and Micro Mode. Whether an application requires high power welding needs or intricate, precise welds around precious components, the Orion 100c has the flexibility to weld with power and precision.

The Orion 150s Micro Welder - Mid-range welder with more power—get ready to work!

The Orion 150s micro welder, our mid-range model, is the ideal solution for any small application welding need. The sSeries welders can be seen in laboratories, universities and research & development institutions around the globe. Priced below the competition with features created by our team of welding engineers, the 150s micro welder boasts a power potential of up to 150 joules of pulse-arc weld energy. While powerful, the 150s is perfect for low power needs as well—working at as little as 2 joules of energy. Even with such a large range in power, full control is maintained as the 150s is adjustable in 0.2 joule increments. The 150s micro welder has two weld modes: Pulse Arc Mode and Tack Mode. In Tack Mode, it’s easy to temporarily join two separate pieces together. Pulse Arc Mode allows for full micro tig welding on nearly any conductive metal. Simply adjust power to accommodate for metal type and thickness of your piece and application. Whether an application requires high power welding needs or intricate, precise welds around precious components, the Orion 150s offers a versatile, compact, and affordable micro welder system in an easy-to-use package.

The Orion 250i2 - The most advanced, micro welder ever made.

The Orion 250i2 (Patent D740,338) is packed with features that will simplify the welding needs of any jeweler, goldsmith, or silversmith. Innovative new features include: the new Pico weld mode for intricate welds as small as 0.01 Joules of energy, to achieve truly microscopic weld joints; user selectable up to 250 joules of energy for large silver or platinum pieces; a large 10” touch screen interface with one-touch access to all welding parameters; the ultimate space saving design; and 3 unique pulse shape wave form options to choose from: Classic Orion (for Orion users that have come to love welds produced by the Orion 150i), Triangle (for weld smoothing), and Square (laser like welding). The Orion 250i2 also introduces a patented feature—Seam mode—a revolutionary breakthrough in micro pulse arc welding. Seam mode allows users to mimic laser welding with weld speeds up to 30 welds/sec. The patented Orion 250i2 is a full-featured, precision welder with the speed of a laser, paired with the versatility, power, and ease of pulse arc welding.