New electroplating Chemicals Golbath, Rhodiumbath, accessoires and more the new GalvaPro Series

The new Plating Series VELMATEC GalvaPro

Due to our experience in the electroplating field for many years, we finally decided to offer our customers the next level of brilliance according to research and development which we've made during the past. They have been developped according the needs of our customers which we are working with every day since many years.

The new Rhodium bath "extra white!" Better brilliance according to new organcis

The new formulation comes in 200ml and is prepared as concentrate for 1 Liter of ready to use bath.
This rhodium liquid gives the best brillance and white color possible at the moment.
The additives also help to protect the Silver and protect the Rhodium bath for longer lifetime.

We also offer different goldplating bathes

According to your needs we provide "Flash Gold" in different colors as well as "micron Gold" The difference is simple. While Micron Gold gives you a big surface which last for long time, the flash gold gives your the final color and best results. Just ask for consultance and we will tell you which will be the best arrangement for you.

The most important step in Plating! - ultrasonic cleaning, degreasing and protecting!

As about 90% of problems with spots come from the pre treatment! We offer our customers the best pre treatment compounds as well to make sure you achieve always best results.

When the plating process has been sucessfull you want to keep these results for long time. Therefore we offer our tarnishing protection OxiStop.
Oxistop protects your pieces for long time due to organic nano particles which don't change brilliance or color. They last for more than a year!

No plating without accessoires

We offer to our customers all necessary accessoires like: Jigs, Tanks, Anodes, Heaters.
After a short conversation we will find out fast what will be your needs.

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