UVital 45/92 3D-Printer

The new industry leader in production, accuracy, and simplicity.

Engineered from us with several features in one machine like no one else had before.

The Uvital 45/92 is a professional 3D printing solution designed to suit a multitude of applications including jewelry, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, industrial design, engineering, and more. It was important to us to combine several fetaures in one machine for achiving highest and repeatable quality of prints. Features like a heated resin Vat, an UV LED System with special filtering system as well as an automatic calibration system.

For custom productions, the UVital 45/92 has an average build speed of 10 mm per hour.

Now you can design, print, and cast in the same day.

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Never before printing has been that easy

The Uvital 45/92 3D-Printer is using the well known DLP system which gives you an incredible printspeed with highest precision on the whole build table at the same time. When creating this printer it was important to us to focus on a new standard of quality, accuracy, speed and usability. Therefore we invented the new Ball Head System which allows you to calibrate automatically the system.

Powered by an industrial HD LED light engine, the UVital 45/92 is 4 times faster than the industry average with print speeds reaching 10+ mm per hour.
Also as we are heating our Resin Vat we are able to mix more wax into our formulation of Resin, which gives you a much better casting result than with other systems.

Easy use and automation

The UVital 45/92 uses an integrated computer system combined with a new user interface to optimize your printing experience. With our auto calibration you can spend more time designing & creating.

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-> Touchscreen and improved software -> Wifi, Ethernet, & USB connectivity -> Touchscreen operation -> Heated Resin VAT -> No calibration required -> New DuraVat

German parts for more precision

With selected parts made in Germany we guarantee a long lifetime with highest precision.

At one view


405nm - 385nm



Build envelope


X Y resolution


Z resolution

10my -150my

resin temperature control


Heating power


Build speed

10mm / hr with 50my


15 Kilo